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Rental terms and conditions

LE VAN BRETON – 4 rue des petits champs – 35400 SAINT MALO
Sarl LE VAN BRETON - Siret 89339033600012 - NAF 7711A - RCS ST MALO B 893 390 336 - TVA FR


The driver must be over 23 years old and must have had a driving license for more than 3 years.
The insurance of our vans is valid in all the countries of Europe appearing on the green card.
In case of theft of the vehicle, it will be covered by the insurance, provided that the keys and papers are given to us at the time of the theft declaration. You will have to pay a €3000 deposit per rental. In case of an accident, the excess is €3000 per rental. Liability insurance is included in the rental price. All insurance conditions are void for any driver who is intoxicated or who has provided false information. 


The vehicle is guaranteed for any external damage caused to it. A deductible of 3000 euros remains the responsibility of the renter except in the event of an accident with an identified responsible third party. Are excluded and remain in all cases the responsibility of the renter, the repair of damage caused to the upper parts (roof and pop-up roof) as well as the theft of all accessories forming part or which may be part of the vehicle (radio antenna, tires, door -bikes, gps, etc…).


All damage to the interior of the vehicle, as well as the theft of accessories (eg car radio, objects and personal effects) will not be covered by the insurance.
Claims: In the event of a claim, the renter must notify the rental company immediately by the fastest means. He cannot in any case abandon the vehicle at the scene of a disaster without the agreement of the rental company.


Provision of a vehicle whose maintenance is complete, equipped with all its accessories and in perfect working order and cleanliness.


The renter will take care of the vehicle, he will use it in accordance with the standards and advice for use provided orally or in writing by the rental company. The renter must constantly check the oil and water levels and is required to have all the maintenance operations necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle carried out at the intervals indicated by the manufacturer. Any repairs can only be carried out after express agreement on our part and in accordance with our directives. Defective parts replaced and paid invoices must be presented. They will be reimbursed as long as there is no abnormal wear or neglect. The renter must return the vehicle with a complete interior and exterior cleaning. On return if cleaning or additional cleaning must be done by the rental company, the cleaning fee of 300 euros will be due by the customer.

The fixing of roof racks, bicycle racks and blinds as well as their loading are the responsibility of the renter. It is the renter's responsibility to check the fixing of these elements. In the event of damage, loss of the load or an accident caused by the loss or unhooking of the load or the support, the rental company cannot be held responsible.


When taking possession of the vehicle, in the presence of the renter, a contradictory inventory and an inventory of all the equipment and accessories will be carried out. Any missing, deterioration or breakage will be invoiced and settled on the spot by the renter.


When booking the vehicle, the renter must pay a deposit fixed at the price. Full payment of the rental balance will be paid 30 days before departure.
On the day of delivery, the renter will pay a security deposit in the amount of 3000 euros which is equivalent to the excess.

This amount will be refunded:
- immediately upon return of the vehicle, if no damage to its charge is noted in view of the inventory.
- when the rental company's account will be credited with the sum corresponding to the amount of damage attributable to the renter, in the event of immediate payment by the latter after completion of the inventory.


In the event of cancellation of the rental for any reason whatsoever, the sums paid will remain with the rental company, as debit compensation, under the conditions below:
- from the reservation to 30 days before departure, 50% of the deposit amount will be refunded.
- between 30 days and 10 days before departure, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.
- less than 10 days before departure, nothing will be refunded.


In all seasons, unless otherwise agreed in the contract, you can have the vehicle from 2pm and you have to return it before 12am. No extension of the rental can be made without the agreement of the rental company, under penalty of exposure to legal proceedings for theft of vehicle or breach of trust. In the event that the renter has not been notified, the renter incurs a penalty equal to four times the daily price, for any night of delay, in addition to the rental price. If the vehicle is returned before the scheduled date, no refund will be made.


The renter remains solely responsible for fines, tickets and reports established against him. In the absence of specific agreements, the delivery and return of the vehicle is made at the point of departure.